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The music of composer and award winning pianist Karen Marie Garrett
has been described as classical, seductive, emotional, inspirational, and category bending.
A welcome sound in a hectic world.

2015 Release    It's About Love

Composer Karen Marie Garrett

Original Music:
Abbie Marie cello/piano
It's About Love cello/piano
Deschutes River Sunrise
Another Time piano solo
Mother's Prayer vocals/piano

produced by Leslie Ann Jones
recorded at Skywalker Sound Studios,
   a Lucasfilm, Ltd., company, Marin County, CA
mixing by Leslie Ann Jones
engineered by Dann Michael Thompson and Leslie Ann Jones
editing by Robert Gatley
mastering by Michael Romanowski
published by Waterstreet Records & Publishing, Inc.
photography by John Russell
editing by John Ray

Karen is joined on the album by cellist Emil Miland ("Abbie Marie," "It's About Love," "Deschutes River Sunrise"), noted oboist Nancy Rumbel ("Deschutes River Sunrise") and vocalist Desiree Goyette ("Mother's Prayer").

As on her first two releases, what strike the listener immediately is the warmth and intimacy of Garrett's compositions and the grace and nuance with which she plays each one. Gentle meditations on love in various forms, not always happy, these five songs aptly demonstrate that even after a prolonged absence, the immensely talented pianist hasn't lost a step. Even though just an EP, It's About Love proves that age old adage, quality, not quantity, still holds true.  Bill Binkelman/Zone Music Reporter

IT’S ABOUT LOVE charts in Top 10. 
Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart:  #7 August 2015 and #10 September 2015

Allure of Sanctuary CDIT'S ABOUT THE ROSE 

Karen Marie Garrett - Composer/Pianist

#1 CD of the Year  - Top New Age and Contemporary Instrumental Airplay Recordings of 2007  

   Out of 2,950 recordings submitted to New Age Reporter 2007, IT'S ABOUT THE ROSE was the only album
  to chart #1 three consecutive months and hold a slot in the charts for 10 months. 

  Piano Heaven's "Gold Award" 2007
   England reviewer, Stephen Cairns

SONGS:     It's About the Rose in the Vase on the Table  ~  Tally's Lullaby
                   Vinot and the Seabird  ~  The Piano Called  ~  Moon Night  
                   Waiting  ~  Beethoven, Chopin and the Rose  ~  Impressions
                   Tip Toe Dancer and the Sea Pearl  ~  Café Espresso  ~  Daydreams
                   Finale of the Rose.  

Allure of Sanctuary CD

Karen Marie Garrett - Composer/Pianist

Top 10 New Age Reporter’s national airplay chart
in just FIVE weeks

Solo Piano Publications named 
ALLURE OF SANCTUARY a Top 20 album of 2005

Piano Heaven's "Gold Award" 2005
                   England reviewer, Stephen Cairns

SONGS:     Tip Toe Dancer   ~  Lake Ewok ™ Muse  ~  Simple Things   
     Allure of Sanctuary  ~  Welcome B  ~  Green Hills
        Gnossiennes Nos. 1 - 3  ~  Will's Song  ~  Toll of War
Lake Ewok ™ Muse Reprise                                

               Ewok is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and it's affiliated companies. 
Used by permission.




"The Roosevelts: an Intimate History"
Florentine Films
Director - Ken Burns
Release - 2014

"La Derniere Fugue (The Last Fugue)"
French / Canadian film
Director -  Director: Léa Pool 
Webpresse.ca Premiere link:
(at 59 sec in film trailer)

"Evolution of Dad"

Independent Documentary
Filmmaker: Dana Glazer
(at 59 sec in film trailer)

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